Network Support

Supporting Computer Network Systems is our core business. We can offer you ’the complete solution’ with high quality service and support together with products from the industry’s leading vendors.
Our certified System Engineers have a high level of expertise with products from Microsoft and Novell – the two major Network Software companies in the industry today. By supporting multiple network platforms, CRC Networks can recommend solutions to clients that are not tied to a single vendor, allowing them to take full advantage of the latest technologies.

Services include:
Linux & Netware Support Services (Novell)
Windows Server & Terminal Services (Microsoft)
IT Consulting Services & Network Design
Installation & Configuration Services
System/Server Health Checks & Preventative Maintenance
Network & PC Troubleshooting
Repairs / Upgrades – PC’s & Printers
Staff Training

IT Security
As clients rely more heavily on the Internet to conduct business, there is an increasing need to safegard against external and internal threats. Security Audits and Vulnerability Scans assist in the identification of threats to the business. After this there are many solutions listed below to help protect against the internal and external dangers.

External Protection:
Firewall Security
Virus Protection
Spyware Filtering
SPAM Blocking
Internal Protection:
Directory Services
User/Group Polices & Rights
Data Backup Procedures / Checking
Offsite Data Storage
Controlled Internet Use & Content Filtering

Remote Access & Mobility
Today’s technology makes this all possible and it also allows your IT team to provide fast, responsive support remotely – without you always having to wait for engineers to be available and for you to incur expensive travel charges. With the advent of the Internet, business today can be conducted from anywhere around the world. No longer confined to fixed premises, Business Managers require access to company data and email on the road, when overseas or when working from home.

Our solutions include:
Mobile Broadband
Web Access to Email
Secure Access remotely to Business Computer Network Systems
Microsoft’s Off-Line Files
Novell’s iFolder & NetStorage

Internet & Email
Businesses today rely heavily on the Internet and on Email as their main forms of communication with the outside world. When these services are not available business can quickly grind to a halt.
Business Managers need access to their data files and email at anytime and from anywhere. Not only at the office, it could be working from home, on the road, with a client or when overseas on a business trip or holiday

Ask our Sales Consultants about:
Fast Internet Connection (ADSL, Broadband), Mobile Broadband
Firewall Protection
Internet Backup Connection
Domain Names
Web Access to Email – MS Exchange, Groupwise or MDaemon’s World Client
Virus & Spyware Protection, SPAM Blocking

Business Analysis & Recovery
CRC Networks keeps complete records of the computer hardware and software supplied/installed at your site. These records are automatically generated as new products are sold or we can conduct a system audit for existing products. An important part of support is protecting a business against disasters such as a fire, theft, vandalism or even a security breach. This is usually unforeseen and can often mean the end for a business, if plans are not in place.
The value of a Recovery Plan is having the ability to react to a threat or event swiftly and efficiently. Requiring planned procedures, informed staff, disaster supplies,support from management and external support – a DISASTER RECOVERY Plan.

Services include:
System Audits – hardware and software
System Documentation & Network Diagrams
Warranty & Software Licensing Management
Asset Tracking & Service History
System Health Checks & Server Imaging
Backup Procedures
Off-site Data Storage
Disaster Recovery Program

Product Procurement
Businesses will either have internal IT staff with a through knowledge of their computer network or enlist the external IT Support from companies like CRC Networks to assist when purchasing product.
Why is this so important? Products may not always be compatible with your business Computer Network. CRC Networks knows your business systems and can advise you on the right product choices.
Being part of a broad Distribution Channel for leading vendors in the industry allows CRC Networks to recommend, source and supply product at extremely competitive pricing. We can also install, manage the warranty and provide ongoing support.

Compare our prices for the following:
File Servers, PC Workstations, Notebook Computers
Hand-Held – Blackberry devices
Backup Solutions & Power Protection
Firewalls, Routers & Modems
Ethernet Switches, Print Servers
Printers – Mono & Colour Lasers, MFP, Inkjets, Dot-Matrix
Audio Visual – Data Projectors
Software – Operating Systems, Mail Servers, Virus Protection, Spyware Filtering, SPAM Blocking and Office Productivity

Project Management
For all major IT Projects (Installations, Upgrades), CRC Networks can ease the burden on your staff by managing the project for you.
Starting with a business analysis to determine needs, itcan also include system design, preparation of tender documents, obtaining quotes/prices, engaging services of contractors, quality assurance checks and system documentation.

CRC SERVICES -Contracted Services
Companies do not always have staff with the technical expertise to internally support their Computer Network Systems nor can they justify hiring a full time engineer for this role.
You can contract a CRC Networks engineer on a temporary, semi-permanent or a permanent basis. With different engineer levels, engage the services of a senior engineer then change to a lower level once the network has been stabilised to reduce costs.

Schools & Colleges
CEO Sydney (Catholic Education), DET & Independent Schools
Alice for Windows (AFW) Installation & Upgrade Specialists
Curriculum Network Installations & Support
PC & Printer Sales & Supporrt
ASI Solutions Centre Partner

Novell GOLD Partner
Authorised HP Education & Government Reseller